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Photo of Jose Carlos - Kichwa Patriarch

A creative culture seems bred into the bones of the Andean people, who over the centuries have taken the materials that surround them to fashion works of beauty and utility with unparalleled skill.  It’s often second nature: an indigenous woman will walk down the street on an errand while her dancing fingers braid colorful bracelets for sale in the markets.  There is no “bracelet factory.”  Such things are the natural byproduct of a daily routine that has little patience for wasted motion.

So who’s making all these handmade products? Mostly women, but sometimes entire extended families pitch in as well. A single wholesaler may work with over 100 such artisans & families delivering large sacks of yarn to artisans in villages spread across several provinces, then collecting the finished works several weeks later. Get to know these artisans & their culture with stories we’ve collected along our way:

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